Library & Media Center

Mission Statement:

The mission of the School Library Program is to bring together all staff and students in encouraging a lifelong love of reading, building information literacy skills, nurturing research and inquiry, and sparking creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

Vision Statement:

The Jeffrey Trail School Library Program is the heart of the school, where

  • students conduct research, find reading materials, and use technology for learning, providing them with a solid foundation of information technology skills, digital citizenship, authentic learning experiences, and a love of reading
  • teachers use the library and all its resources to build a curriculum that encourages student choice, inquiry, effective technology use, and collaboration

Core Values:

  • In the 21st century, the most important thing students should learn is how to access, evaluate, use, and synthesize information.
  • The library should be central to any 21st century curricular program
  • Students have the right to see themselves reflected in their schools, communities, and library
  • Multiple literacies must be taught in context
  • Reading is the best thing a student can do for themselves
  • The library fosters students' individual interests, creative pursuits, and intellectual risk-taking
  • Giving students choices empowers their learning
  • What students say and think matters

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