The Academic program at Jeffrey Trail Middle School provides an intellectually safe environment, with high expectations that encourage students to take academic risks,
work collaboratively, and strive for high personal achievement while always considering the development of the well rounded student.

Jeffrey trail course catalog

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Jeffrey Trail Coursework Compact 

Jeffrey Trail believes all coursework should be meaningful and supported by teacher direction.  We refer to "coursework" as any assignment that a teacher initiates with students that may be completed during class or at home.  We strive to avoid "homework" that traditionally lends itself to be independent assignments that are not begun in class or follow the natural flow of instruction.

Jeffrey Trail will … 

Provide a well-balanced student workload 

Educate parents on available resources to support and monitor student learning

Provide opportunities to complete coursework during Advantage 

Set Academic Breaks each Trimester 

Teachers will … 

Provide clear expectations and purpose 

Assign coursework that is…

  • completion of the day’s assignment
  • reading to support learning
  • supported with in-class time and instruction (i.e. projects, writing assignments, etc.)

Be available to students 

Honor Academic Breaks 

 Students will … 

Give an honest effort 

Be responsible to complete all coursework on time

Regularly check Canvas and/or Google Classroom for assignments and record them in a planner

Consider how/when to ask for help 

Parents will … 

Provide a quiet place at home to do coursework with minimal distractions 

Support an after-school routine 

Encourage school and coursework as a priority 

Communicate with your child and teachers, and check Aeries, to support and monitor coursework completion

JTMS Advantage

Jeffrey Trail offers an ADVANTAGE Program during the school day for students to get extra help, enrich their current learning, or try something new.