The Academic program at Jeffrey Trail Middle School provides an intellectually safe environment, with high expectations that encourage students to take academic risks,
work collaboratively, and strive for high personal achievement while always considering the development of the well rounded student.

Jeffrey trail course catalog

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Homework Policy

Students will …

  • Give an honest effort
  • Be responsible and do their homework, bring it, and turn it in
  • Regularly check grades, Canvas, etc.
  • Come up with questions for the following day
  • Be organized and use time/resources wisely
  • Understand the purpose of homework
  • Self-evaluate their own learning
  • Know how to ask for help

Parents will …

  • Provide a quiet place to do homework with minimal distractions
  • Support an after school routine
  • Oversee organization and homework completion
  • Check Parent Portal and its comments
  • Encourage school as a priority
  • Partner with the school and staff
  • Allow students to work independently

Teachers will …

  • Provide clear expectations and purpose
  • Be available to students
  • Assign homework in advance
  • Honor academic breaks
  • Celebrate students and acknowledge their effort

Jeffrey Trail will …

  • Provide a safe environment
  • Educate parents on available resources
  • Keep parents informed
  • Provide a well-balanced student work load

JTMS Advantage

Jeffrey Trail offers an ADVANTAGE Program during the school day for students to get extra help, enrich their current learning, or try something new.