Principal's Message, 2021

Welcome to the “Grand Re-Opening” of Jeffrey Trail Middle School!! While we were not really ever closed, we certainly were not open and functioning as we had wanted to in the past two years. As we start this school year with 994 students, we recognize that not only are our 7th grade students new to our school, but many of our 8th graders are new as well. We are focused on welcoming our students back to campus and reacclimating them to an engaging, exciting and academically challenging daily school life. Our year of COVID has not only challenged students to learn in new ways, but teachers have been challenged to teach in new ways. This year we seek to embrace not only what worked well in the past, but to continue positive practices learned from our year of Hybrid learning. We want Jeffrey Trail to be better than it ever has been – thus our “Grand Re-Opening.”

Students at Jeffrey Trail find success in a number of ways. We offer a wide range of core and elective courses that enable students to explore and express their interests. Jeffrey Trail has built a reputation of sending students to high school with the skills and work ethic they need to succeed. The academic excellence of Jeffrey Trail is not just evident in the classroom, but on display in countless regional and state competitions in multiple subject areas. Each year our staff supports award winning teams in Science Olympiad, Math Counts, and Robotics. Our students also excel in individual competitions such as the Orange County Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Science Fair, art competitions and numerous STEM competitions.

We are all excited for this school year to begin as the JTMS staff have committed to a number of programs and initiatives that we are confident will address the social and emotional needs of students, ensure equity in learning and help your children find success and joy in their school experience.

W.I.N.G.S.: At Jeffrey Trail our top priority is that students feel safe, welcome and valued. Promoting positive behavior is a hallmark of our community that we strive to model in the office, in the classroom, and everywhere in between. Our belief is that when students feel safe (physically, emotionally and socially), they will be in the best position to succeed in all facets of life.

W.I.N.G.S. is our state recognized character education program. We instill our values of Willing to take a risk, Integrity in Actions, Noble in Thought, Generous in Spirit and Self-Directed into our students from day 1. Our staff work to model and teach these values as we take every opportunity to recognize students for demonstrating them during the school day – and ask parents to do the same at home.

In short, there are great things happening every day at Jeffrey Trail. We are extremely proud of our students, and proud to serve the Jeffrey Trail Community.

Go Jets!!

Michael Georgino, Principal

Jeffrey Trail Middle School