Principal's Message

Jeffrey Trail Middle School is the proud home of the Jets!! The 2017-2018 school year is only our fifth since opening in 2013. In that initial year 26 teachers and 703 students laid the runway for a school that has quickly soared to great heights. Now, just a few years later, we have 43 teachers and over 1,125 students…not to mention additional classrooms to support us all. Several of those original teachers remain at Jeffrey Trail maintaining the rich and vibrant school culture they envisioned. Our school is flying high with tradition, activity and achievement making Jeffrey Trail an engaging and progressive school environment for both students and staff.

At Jeffrey Trail our top priority is that our students feel safe, welcomed, and valued each and every day. Promoting positive behavior is a hallmark of JTMS that we strive to model in the office, in the classroom, in the quad, and everywhere in between. Our belief is that if students are in a safe and encouraging environment, they will be in the best position to succeed. Through our award winning W.I.N.G.S. program we strive to instill and recognize positive behavior in all of our students. W.I.N.G.S. works to encourage students to demonstrate the following ideals:

W: Willing to Take a Risk
I: Integrity in Actions
N: Noble in Thought
G: Generous in Spirit
S: Self-Directed

In our classrooms we aspire to innovate in our instruction, take risks in teaching and learning, and continually improve our practice. To that end, all of our teachers collaborate in Professional Learning Communities to work towards offering students common experiences, clearly articulated learning goals, effective and appropriate assessments, and targeted assistance to ensure learning. Teachers regularly participate in conferences, conventions and workshops to expand their pedagogy and content knowledge. Intervention programs give students targeted help in reading and math during and after the school day. Our strong collaborative culture enables teachers to learn and innovate together so that all of our students benefit from their collective experience, creativity, and expertise.

Students at Jeffrey Trail find success in a number of ways. We offer a wide range of core and elective courses that enable students to explore and express their interests. In only five short years, Jeffrey Trail has built a reputation of sending students to high school with the skills and work ethic they need to succeed. The academic excellence of Jeffrey Trail is not just evident in the classroom, but on display in countless regional and state competitions in multiple subject areas. Each year our staff supports award winning teams in Science Olympiad, Math Counts, National History Day, Speech and Debate, and Robotics. Our students also excel in individual competitions such as the Orange County Spelling Bee, Astounding Inventions, Science Fair, Art competitions and regional writing competitions.

As a part of our community, not only do we look for opportunities for our students to engage outside our campus, we look for opportunities to bring resources in. A tradition in our United States History class is to invite the Dean of Law from a local university speak about the Bill or Rights and constitutional protections for all students. Our Career and Technical Education coordinators have monthly speakers who inform our students about various career paths. Students in engineering courses have had hands on experience with robots engineered at local colleges that were brought to JTMS for demonstrations. In partnership with the City of Irvine, leaders from the Youth Action Team are on campus regularly during and after school to provide various extracurricular activities to our students and Irvine Police visit monthly to provide lessons to 7 th graders about community safety and leadership.

In short – It’s great to be a Jet and we hope you feel the same!! We are extremely proud of our students and proud to serve the Jeffrey Trail community. We look forward to continuing to build our traditions and accomplishments with the students and parents that make up Jeffrey Trail Middle School.

Michael Georgino, Principal

Jeffrey Trail Middle School